Our Past Experiences

This presentation is to inform you od my Business experiences and activities in the Mechanical Seal(Pump) Engineering Industry. I, Bernard the General Manager of Visible Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. (Penang) & Pump Care Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (Selangor) have been into this line for the past five years.Pump Care Engineering Sdn Bhd is also managed with another director by the name Uthaiya Kumar.

(1) The following are the list of my past personal experience:-

    a) Martin Merkel I.M.S Sdn. Bhd. KL (specialist in Sealing and Industrial Fabrication) – Senior Technician (1990-1993)Servicing all the International Manufacturing Companies such as Aji-no-moto S/B-KL, Colgate & Palmolive S/B PJ, Lever Brothers S/B-KL ASM S/B-Klang, Unichemca S/B Klang, Motorola S/B-PJ, Carslberg A/S-PJ, and East coast Waterworks and Palm Oil Mills and etc.

    b) Martin Merkel I.M.S Sdn. Bhd. KL (Branch of the above (a) company) Senior Technician (1993-1995)Sales, Maintenance and consulting services to the Prai & Penang Industrial Companies and Northern Industrial Region.

    c) Visible Network Sdn. Bhd. (Partnership Business in Seal Industry) Sales Manager (Feb 1995-Dec 1995)Same as (b) further developed the business with Companies such as Power Industry, Sugar Industry, Electronic Industry (e.g. Intel & etc) Oil Refinery Industry, Chemical & Acid Industry, Paper Industry and Hotel Industry.

    d) Visible Engineering Services S/B (Own Business in Seal Industry) General Manager and Engineering Manager – Jan 1996Servicing, Maintenance, Consulting and Trading of Seal Products. Importing Mechanical Seal From Bombay, India and Gland, High Temperature and various types of Packing Products from Germany.

(2) The following are the list of Mr. Uthaya Kumar – Director/Technical & Sales Manager of Pump Care Engineering Sdn. Bhd.Mr.Kumar has the same years of experience as me in the similar field at Martin Merkel I.M.S. Sdn. Bhd. KL, which was leading in the Sealing Industries in Malaysia in the year of 80’s and early 90’s. He joined the company during the late 80’s.

Later in the early 90’s our services performance grow in strenght. Mr. Kumar had a humble start with the company as a Technician. Due to his tremendous performance he was promoted as Technical Supervisor within a year to manage the Service Department.

His outstanding performance attracted Burgmann Technology Malaysia where by he was offered a job as the Service Engineer. He managed the nation wide service teams as well as Sabah & Sarawak. He was with Burgmann Technology for 4-1/2 years. After which he joined the Pump Care Engineering Sdn. Bhd. In the early year of 1997 as one of the partner.

Mr. Kumar has significantly developed highly motivated Service team, which is responsible for the growth of Selangor & Johor branches. With his strong foresight and strong Technical Background he has developed high level of confidence with the customers.

Mr Hamurugu Kavery

Mr Hamurugu, 43 years old is qualified as an Instrumentation and Control Engineer. His vast experience in the field of Plant Engineering Maintenance for the last 17 years makes him an expert in the field of
•    Designing
•    Servicing
•    Maintenance of various types of mechanical seals in various types of industries.

As the proposed Regional Service Manager (RSM), Mr Ilamurugu is responsible in leading the various services teams located in Malaysia. Service teams are located in Penang/Kelantan/Selangor and Johor. East Malaysia set-up is also being considered.

Other Personnels

Ves group is ably managed by a list of the following personnel:
•    Mrs Maria Papuraj – Corprate Services that includes Finance and HR matters
•    External Consulting Partners – to provide high end solutions
•    Service & Maintenance Personnel
•    Quality systems personnel