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Welcome to Visible Engineering Services, a premier engineering company headquartered in Malaysia. Since our establishment in 1995, we have been at the forefront of delivering top-notch engineering solutions specializing in pumping utilities and technical support for a diverse range of industries and civil bodies. With a team of seasoned experts and dedicated technical professionals, we have curated an extensive service portfolio that adds significant value to our clients across multiple business sectors. Our commitment extends beyond mere service provision; we also specialize in turnkey solutions tailored to industries with specific utility requirements.

Our Journey

Visible Engineering Services began its journey in 1995 as a brainchild of a group of seasoned professionals with profound expertise in pumping systems and mechanical seals applications. Initially focused on servicing and maintaining pumps, our trajectory quickly evolved, expanding our scope to encompass designing, maintaining, and installing various pump types, agitators, and mixers across diverse industries. Over the years, our unwavering dedication to excellence has fueled exponential growth, leading us to establish branches in strategic locations such as Johor, Selangor, Sabah, and Indonesia, ensuring seamless service delivery to our esteemed clientele.

Our Expertise

At Visible Engineering Services, we pride ourselves on our unmatched expertise and comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our core offerings include:

Our Timeline

1995: VES incorporated as an engineering and services entity.

1997: Johor branch incorporated to serve the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

1999: Selangor branch incorporated to serve the central region of Peninsular Malaysia.

2000: VES obtained ISO 9001: 2001 certification.

2001: VES began offering services on high-end pump seals and enhanced designing capabilities.

2003: VES ventured into the Oil & Gas Industry.

2007: Process Engineering Division established to provide process and project-based solutions.

2008: VES expanded into fabrication and manufacturing of parts and systems.

2013: Sabah branch incorporated in Sandakan to cater to growing Borneo operations.

2014: Indonesian branch opened to cater to a growing market base and operations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the leading engineering and services firm in the country and the region, consistently delivering services and projects that meet international standards.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality engineering services with a focus on cost leadership while maintaining excellence in every aspect to meet customers’ stringent requirements regarding quality, on-time delivery, safety, and environmental concerns.

Our Values

At Visible Engineering Services, we cherish our business partnerships and adopt a professional and integral approach to provide innovative engineering solutions while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our Team and Organization

Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, our reach extends throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. To ensure effective project supervision and service implementation, we have established branches in strategic locations:

  1. Visible Engineering Services (J.B) Sdn. Bhd.: Serving the southern regions of Peninsula Malaysia.
  2. Visible Engineering (KL) Sdn. Bhd.: Catering to the central region of Peninsula Malaysia.
  3. Visible Engineering Borneo Sdn. Bhd.: Covering operations in Sabah.
  4. PT Sinar IndoVisible: Serving our growing customer base and operations in Indonesia.

Our Commitment

Visible Engineering Services is committed to:

  • Manufacturing and assembly of pumps and mechanical seals.
  • Sales and services of pumps, mechanical seals, blowers, gland packing, sealant tapes, and more.
  • Repairing, replacing, and overhauling all types of pumps and mechanical seals.
  • Converting gland packing to mechanical seals for all types of pumps.
  • Installing new pumps, mechanical seals, agitators, gearboxes, blowers, etc.