Agitator Seals
Seal series 88B2/90U/CK 
Standard Style
Face Materials
Silicon Carbide
Tungsten Carbide

Metal Parts

AISI 316
Monel, Alloy-20 

Secondary Seals

bullet   Elastomers
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameterd1:  25 …200 mm 
Pressure pp:  6 bar (max.) 
Temperaturet:  -23 … +85 o C 
Velocityv:  200 (max.) 

This is specially designed double mechanical seal having dry running faces and the success lies in selecting proper face materials and applying optimized seal closing loads on the faces.secondly all surfaces which are coming in contact with fermentation media are buffed to mirror finish, so that the surfaces undulations don’t act as bacteria trap. To take care of any dislodged carbon particle which should not fall in the media, baffle arrangement is provided in the gland. Steam jacket is provided in the housing to keep seal area hot. Cold water also can be circulated so as to keep the sterility 100%. Suitable connections are provided in the gland and housing for steam sterilizing / cleaning. 
The inboard is self closing reverse balance seal series 88B2. This requires no pressure T.S. vessel system and maintenance of the seal become very easy. The O/B seal offers safety against atmospheric contamination and total seal unit reliabilty increases to such an extend that no fermentation batch is lost because when inboard seal lives it’s life.


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