Compact Cartridge Balanced Seal, Single Acting, Independent of Direction of Rotation 
Seal series 82/CG 
Standard Style
Face Materials
Rotary:- Carbon, Silicone Carbide, Tungsten Carbide 
Stationary:- Silicone Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic (99.5%), Cast chrome steel

Metal Parts

AISI 316, Hastelloy-C, Alloy-20, Monel 

Secondary Seals

bullet   Elastomers 


bullet   Food product 
bullet   Paper industry
bullet   Chemical Process Pumps
bullet   Mining industry 

Seal Characteristics

bullet   Single acting
bullet   Inside mounted
bullet   Independent of direction of rotation
bullet   Unbalanced
bullet   Cartridge unit
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameterd1:  20…95 mm 
Pressure pp:  18 bar 
Temperaturet:  -20 … +180 o C 
Velocityv:  20 m/s. 

Series 82/CG is cartridge multiple spring-balance seal with O-Ring as secondary sealing member. Various face material & elastomers can be offer for wide service application. The compact cartridge design of seal permits their use in all types of centrifugal pump. The springs of the seal are protected from media by means of dynamic O-Ring. These seal can offer for media containing slurry and solid particles.


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