Comapact Rubber Bellow Seal, Single Acting, Independent Direction of Rotation 
Seal series 731 
Standard Style
Face Materials
Rotary:- Carbon Stationary:- Ceramic (99.5%),

Metal Parts

AISI 316 

Secondary Seals

bullet   Elastomers


bullet   Water pump

Seal Characteristics

bullet   Single acting 
bullet   Inside mounted 
bullet   Independent of direction of rotation
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameterd1:  6 ….65 mm 
Pressure pp:  6 bar 
Temperaturet:  -20 … +220 o C 
Velocityv:  20 m/s. 

These seals are developed for monoblock water pumps. These are manufactured in mass production. Rotary & Stationary:- are compact so that get accomodated in pump cavity

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